Everyone knows it: The new year start and everybody has good New Years resolutions and has so much motivation for everything. But your year started like every year – very, very bad! These are 10 characteristics of a bad year!

10. If your work starts for the first day in the new year and you are completely over everything.


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9. If you have to eat your healthy food again, but this is not very tasty. Where is the good Christmas food?!

8. You just want to do what you want, but you can not go on like this!


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7. It is not possible to reckon on your friends anymore.


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6. You will never give up, but it doesn´t work.


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5. You have to use the overfilled trains, because you have not enough money for a car.

4. All your friends, the whole family and your colleagues have great New Year’s resolutions. But you not – as always.

3. Your job is still totally boring!

2. You are absolutely unathletic, but can´t change it – to lazy!

1. Nevertheless, you do not give up and smile!